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年份 作者 发表期刊名,年,卷,页码 论文题目
2013 S LiJ ChenF ZhengY LiF Huang Nanoscale Synthesis of the   Double-Shell Anatase-Rutile TiO2 Hollow Spheres with the Enhanced   Photocatalytic Activity
2013 Li S,  Zheng   J, Chen D, Wu Y, Zhang W, Zheng F, Cao J, Ma   H, Liu Y. Nanoscale Yolk–shell hybrid   nanoparticles with magnetic and pH-sensitive properties for controlled   anticancer drug delivery
2013 JianHuaChen*,   JianZhongZheng, QingLinLiu, HongXuGuo, WenWeng, ShunXingLi Journal of Membrane   Science 429 (2013) 206–213 Pervaporationdehydrationofaceticacidusingpolyelectrolytescomplex   (PEC)/11-phosphotungsticacidhydrate(PW11) hybridmembrane (PEC/PW11)
2013 Qingxiang Wang,*   Yingtao Ding, LihengWang, Jiancong Ni, Zhanglong Yu, Haibin Lin, Feng Gao Chemistry- An Asian   Journal, Chem. Asian J. 2013, 8, 1455 – 1462 Low background   andhigh sensitiveDNA biosensorby using an electrically neutral cobalt(II)   complexas the redox hybridization indicator.
2013 Jian Hua Chen*, Hai   Tao Xing, Hong Xu Guo, Guo Ping Li, Wen Weng, Shi Rong Hu Journal of Hazardous   Materials 248– 249 (2013) 285–294 Preparation,   characterization and adsorption properties of a novel   3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane functionalized sodium alginate porous membrane   adsorbent for Cr(III) ions
2013 Qingxiang Wang*,   Yingtao Ding, Feng Gao,Shulian Jiang, Bin Zhang, Jiancong Ni, Fei Gao Analytical Chimica   Acta, 788 (2013) 158– 164. A sensitive DNA   biosensor basedon a facile sulfamide coupling reaction for capture probe   immobilization.
2013 Yingtao Ding,   Qingxiang Wang*, Feng Gao,Fei Gao Electrochimica Acta,   106 (2013) 35– 42. Highly sensitive and   selective DNA biosensor using a dumbbell-shapedbis-groove binder of   bi-acetylferrocene ethylenediamine complex aselectrochemical indicator.
2013 Qitong Huang, Shirong Hu*. Analyst.2013,138(18):5417-23. Carbon dots and   chitosan composite film based biosensor for the sensitive and selective   determination of dopamine.
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Li-ping   Lin, Xin-Xing Wang, Li Jiao, Ma-Lin Cui, Shu-Lian Jiang,, Wen-Lian Cai,   Li-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zheng. Analyst, 2013, 138,   278–283 Zr(H2O)2EDTA   modulated luminescent carbon dots as fluorescent probes for fluoride   detection
2013 Jianzhong Zheng,   Zhiming Rao* Analyst, 2013, 138,   916–920 Molecular recognition   and quantitative analysis of xylene isomers utilizing cataluminescence sensor   array
2013 Cai Xili, Li Fuxiao,   Wang Xia, Zheng Delun, Gao Fei, Wang Qiangxiang* Chemical Sensors,   2013, 3: 16. Electrochemical DNA   Biosensor Based on Single-walled CarbonNanotube-Pyrenebutyric Acid complex.
2013 Feng Gao, Xili Cai,   Xia Wang, Cai Gao, Shaoli Liu, FeiGao, Qingxiang Wang* Sensors and Actuators   B: Chemical2013186 380–387. Highly sensitive   andselective detection of dopamine in the presence of ascorbic acid at   graphene oxide modified electrode.
2013 Shunxing Li, Fengying   Zheng, Shujie Cai, Wenjie Liang, Yancai Li Sensors and Actuators   B:Chemical A visible light   assisted photocatalytic system for determination of chemical oxygen demand   using 5-sulfosalicylic acid in situ surface modified titanium dioxide
2013 Jia-Ming Liu,   Xin-Xing Wang, Ma-Lin Cui, Li-Ping Lin, Shu-Lian Jiang, Li Jiao, Li-Hong   Zhang. Sensors and Actuators   B 176 (2013) 97-102 A promising   non-aggregation colorimetric sensor of AuNRs-Ag+ for determination   of dopamine
2013 Xin-Xing Wang,   Jia-Ming Liu, Shu-Lian Jiang, Li Jiao, Li-Ping Lin, Ma-Lin Cui, Xiao-Yang   Zhang, Li-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zheng. Sensors and Actuators   B 182 (2013) 205– 210 Non-aggregation   colorimetric sensor for detecting vitamin C based on surface plasmon   resonance of gold nanorods
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Ma-Lin   Cui, Xin-Xing Wang, Li-Ping Lin, Li Jiao, Li-Hong Zhang,Zhi-Yong Zheng,   Li-Zhang Huang. Sensors and Actuators   B 186 (2013) 521– 527 A highly selective   affinity adsorption imprinting phosphorescence sensor for determination of   trace alkaline phosphatase andprediction of human diseases.
2013 Ma-Lin Cui, Jia-Ming   Liu, Xin-Xing Wang, Li-Ping Lin, Li Jiao, Zhi-Yong Zheng,Li-Hong Zhang,   Shu-Lian Jiang. Sensors and Actuators   B 188 (2013) 53– 58 A promising gold   nanocluster fluorescent sensor for the highlysensitive and selective   detection of S2−.
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Li   Jiao, Ma-Lin Cui, Li-Ping Lin, Xin-Xing Wang, Zhi-Yong Zheng, Li-Hong Zhang,   Shu-Lian Jiang. Sensors and Actuators   B 188 (2013) 613-620 Design of highly   sensitive non-aggregation colorimetric sensor and its application based on   inhibiting vitamin C reducing Hg2+.
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Li   Jiao, Ma-Lin Cui, Li-Ping Lin, Xin-Xing Wang, Zhi-Yong Zheng,Li-Hong Zhang,   Shu-Lian Jiang. Sensors and Actuators   B 188 (2013) 644-650 A highly sensitive   non-aggregation colorimetric sensor for the determination of I   based on its catalytic effect on Fe3+ etching gold nanorods.
2013 Jia-Ming Liu,   Xin-Xing Wang, Li Jiao, Ma-Lin Cui, Li-Ping Lin, Li-Hong Zhang, Shu-Lian   Jiang. Talanta 116 (2013)   199–204 Ultra-sensitive   non-aggregation colorimetric sensor for detection of iron based on the signal   amplification effect of Fe3+ catalyzing H2O2   oxidize gold nanorods.
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Li   Jiao, Li-Ping Lin, Ma-Lin Cui,   Xin-Xing Wang, Li-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zheng, Shu-Lian Jiang.. Talanta 117 (2013)   425–430 Non-aggregation based   label free colorimetric sensor for the detection of Cu2+ based on   catalyzing etching of gold nanorods by dissolve oxygen
2013 SX LiFJ LiuFY ZhengYG ZuoXG Huang Chemosphere Effects of nitrate   addition and iron speciation on trace element transfer in coastal food webs   under phosphate and iron enrichment
2013 Meixia Zheng, Feng   Gao, Qingxiang Wang*, Xili Cai, Shulian Jiang, Lizhang Huang, Fei Gao Materials Science and   Engineering C, 2013, 33(3):1514–1520. Electrocatalytical   oxidation and sensitive determination ofacetaminophen on glassy   carbonelectrode modified with graphene-chitosan composite.
2013 Xuan Zhang, Feng Gao,   Xili Cai, MeixiaZheng, Fei Gao, Shulian Jiang, Qingxiang Wang* Materials Science and   Engineering C, 2013, 337: 3851–3857. Application of   graphene-pyrenebutyric acidnanocomposite as probe oligonucleotides   immobilization platform in a DNAbiosensor.
2013 SX LiY MuFY Zheng Journal of   Agricultural and Food Chemistry Influence of   gastrointestinal digestion and edible plants combination on oral   bioavailability of triterpene saponins, using biomimetic digestion and   absorption system and determination by HPLC
2013 SX LiLH ChenFY ZhengYC Li Journal of   Agricultural and Food Chemistry Effect of cp4-epsps   gene on metal bioavailability in maize and soybean, using bionic   gastrointestinal tract and determination by ICP-MS.
2013 Wang ZH, Luo ZX, Yan   CZ. Environmental Science   and Pollution Research, 2013, 20(10): 7286-7295. Accumulation,   transformation and release of inorganic arsenic by the freshwater   cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa
2013 FY ZhengLH ChenSX LiYQ Qiu Food Research   International Effect of edible plants combination on   mineral bioaccessibility and bioavailability, using in vitro digestion and   liposome-affinity extraction
2013 Fuying Huang, Fei   Wang, Shuqing Feng, Yuanjun Li, Shunxing Li, Yancai Li* Journal of Solid    State Electrochemistry, 2013, 17, 1295 – 1301 Direct   electrochemistry and electrochemical biosensing of glucose oxidase based on   CdSe@CdS quantum dots and MWNT modified electrode
2013 Jia-Ming Liu,   Shu-Lian Jiang, Ma-Lin Cui, Li Jiao, Li-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zheng Spectrochimica Acta   Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 102 (2013) 1-6 Ultra-sensitive   complex as phosphorescence probe for the determination of trace protein
2013 Jia-ming Liu, Li-ping   Lin, Shu-Lia Jiang, Ma Lin Cui, Li Jiao, Xiao Yang Zhang, Li-hong Zhang, Zhi   Yong Zheng, Xuan Lin, Shao-qin Lin. Spectrochimica Acta   Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 115 (2013) 136–144 Fullerol-fluorescein   isothiocyanate-concanavalin agglutinin phosphorescent sensor for the   detection of alpha-fetoprotein and forecast of human diseases.
2013 Hongxu Guo*, Yingchang Ke, Dongfeng Wang, Kaili Lin, Ruxiang Shen,   Jianhua Chen Journal of Nanoparticle Research,2013,   15:1475–1486 Efficient adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of Congo red onto   hydrothermally synthesized NiS   nanoparticles
2013 Qinghua WangWeiwei QiuJianping Wu MeiJiao Zhang Struct Chem (2013)   24:295–301 Schiff base compounds   derived from (R)-3-phenyl-2-phthalimidopropionic acid: photochromism,solvatochromism,   and fluorescence
2013 Fuying Huang, Yanmei   Zhong, Jie Chen, Shunxing Li, Yancai   Li*, Fei Wang, Shuqing Feng Analytical Methods, 2013, 5, 3050-3055 Nonenzymatic glucose   sensor based on three different CuO nanomaterials
2013 Jia-Ming Liu, Ma-Lin   Cui, Shu-Lian Jiang, Xin-Xing Wang, Li-Ping Lin, Li Jiao, Li-Hong Zhang,   Zhi-Yong Zheng Anal. Methods, 2013,   5, 3942-3947 BSA-protected gold   nanoclusters as fluorescent sensor for selective and sensitive detection of   pyrophosphate.
2013 Zhi-Yong Zheng,   Ma-Lin Cui, Li-Hong Zhang, Shu-Lian Jiang, Li Jiao, Xuan Lin, Shao-Qin Lin,   Jia-Ming Liu. Luminescence 2013;   28: 634–640 Catalytic solid   substrate–room temperature phosphorimetry for the determination of residual   perphenazine based on the electronic ffect of rhodamine 6G.
2013 Yancai Li, Fuying Huang, Jie Chen, Tao    Mo, Shunxing Li*, Fei Wang,   Shuqing Feng, Yuanjun Li International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 2013, 8, 6332-6342 A High Performance   Enzyme-Free Glucose Sensor Based on the Graphene-CuO Nanocomposites
2013 张华,郭丹丽,邓毓文,姚碧霞,翁文* 分析化学2013,41(8),1209-1213 联萘酚在涂敷型淀粉衍生物手性固定相上拆分中的吸热保留及对映体洗脱顺序反转
2013 林海彬,林玉琴,郑琳,周朝晖 高等学校化学学报, 2013, 34(8): 1818- 1825 邻菲咯啉和氨三乙酸钴配合物与牛血清白蛋白相互作用的荧光分析
2013 林海彬,张美鑫,林凉凉,周朝晖 无机化学学报,2013,29(11): 2315-2322 邻菲咯啉乳酸镍配合物的合成与表征及其与牛血清白蛋白相互作用的荧光分析
2013 丁应涛,王立衡,李拂晓,高凤,高飞,汪庆祥* 高等学校化学学报, 2013, 34(4): 823-828. 基于电中性锇配合物的低背景DNA电化学传感器.
2013 王立衡,高凤,蒋淑恋,丁应涛,郑德论,黄立漳,汪庆祥* 高等学校化学学报,2013, 34(5):1072-1077. 以对苯二甲酸为手臂连接剂的大肠杆菌DNA传感器.
2013 郭丹丽,张华,胡秋云,蔡三燕,陈梓云,翁文* 应用化学2013,30(10),1231-1236 不同载体涂敷的纤维素酯手性固定相的制备及性能
2013 邓毓文,杨加兴,杨志达,陈道临,翁文* 化学试剂2013,35(6),519-521 整体化色谱柱分离测定甘草酸18H-差向异构体
2013 亢珊珊,黄洁云,邓翠瑶,叶丽虾,姚碧霞,翁文* 福建分析测试2013,22(2),5-9 色氨酸在自制牛血清白蛋白手性柱上的拆分
2013 尤秀丽, 沈贤娟, 谭昌会. 漳州师范学院学报,2013, 26(3): 88-92. 正交试验法优化金莲花黄色素的提取工艺
2013 宁,蔡秋亮,李顺兴. 漳州师范学院学报(自然科学版), 2013, 26(2):59-64 夏秋两季漂浮栽培狼尾草净化猪场废水的研究.
2013 郑成凤,潘裕添,蔡文燕,苑小宁,高飞* 天然产物研究与开发 核心期刊2013, 25: 1381-1386. HPLC-UV-MS /MS 法对金线莲中黄酮类组分的鉴定和测定,
2013 郑成凤, 潘裕添, 苑小宁, 高飞* 漳州师范学院学报2013, 26(3): 81-87 HPLC-UV-MS法对洋蓟中多酚类化合物的分析和鉴定,
2013 王振红,罗专溪, 魏群山, 赖兰芳, 王银有 给水排水,201339(3)125-128 高锰酸钾预氧化强化混凝对九龙江微污染水源水的处理效果
2013 何亚三,刘茜,陈燕仔,欧黎明 应用化工201308月第42: 1482-1984 低温弱酸性三聚氰胺改性合成低毒耐水尿醛树脂的研究
2013 李拂晓,蔡细丽,郑成凤,王霞,高飞,汪庆祥* 分析测试学报, 2013,32(4):414-419 基于单壁碳纳米管-十二醛复合材料的DNA电化学传感器.
2013 丁应涛,王立衡,余章龙,张旋,汪庆祥* 分析试验室,2013,32:15 邻菲罗啉-铜(II-水杨酰胺配合物与DNA相互作用的研究及分析应用.
2013 丁应涛,王立衡,郑成凤,蒋淑恋,黄立漳,高飞,汪庆祥* 化学试剂, 2013,354):313-317. 一种席夫碱钴(II) 配合物的合成及其与 的相互作用.
2013 黄启同,胡世荣*. 漳州师范学院学报(自然科学版),2013,79(1):67-71. 2,3-二氢-9,10-二羟基-1,4-蒽醌与DNA相互作用的电化学研究.
2014 Shunxing   Li,Dejian Chen,Fengying Zheng,Haifeng Zhou,Shaoxiong Jiang,Yijin Wu Advanced   Functional Materials Water-Soluble and Lowly-Toxic Sulphur Quantum Dots
2014 Jian Hua Chen,*   Hai Tao Xing, Hong Xu Guo, Wen Weng, Shi Rong Hu,Shun Xing Li, Yi Hong Huang,   Xue Suna and Zhen Bo Su Journal of   Material Chemistry A, 2014, 2, 12561-12570 Investigation on the adsorption properties of Cr(VI)   ions on a novel graphene oxide (GO) basedcomposite adsorbent
2014 Shunxing   Li,Jiabai Cai, Xueqing Wu, Fengying Zheng, Xiaofeng Lin, Wenjie Liang, Jie   Chen, Jianzhong Zheng, Zhanghua Lai, Tanju Chen, Licong Zhu Applied Catalysis   B: Environmental Fabrication of Positively and Negatively Charged,   Double-Shelled, Nanostructured Hollow Spheres for Photodegradation of   Cationic and Anionic Aromatic Pollutants under Sunlight Irradiation
2014 LiW LiangF ZhengX LinJ Cai Nanoscale Ascorbic acid surface modified TiO2-thin   layer as a fully integrated analysis system for visual simultaneous detection   of organophosphorus pesticides
2014 Cai Gao,   QingxiangWang*, Feng Gao, Fei Gao. Chemical Communications,   2014,50, 9397--9400; A high-performance aptasensor for mercury(II) based   on the formation of unique ternary structure of aptamer-Hg2+-neutral red.
2014 Xia Wang,   Qingxiang Wang*, Qinghua Wang, Feng Gao, Fei Gao, Yizhen Yang, and Hongxu   Guo. ACS Applied   Materials & Interfaces, 2014, 6   (14) 11573–11580. Highly dispersibleand stable copper terephthalate   MOF-grapheneoxide nanocomposite for electrochemical sensing application.
2014 Xiaoming Ma,   Zhonghui Chen, Jin Zhou, Wen Weng*, Ou Zheng, Zhenyu Lin*, Longhua Guo, Bin Qiu, Guonan Chen Biosensors and   Bioelectronics2014, 55, 412-416 Aptamer-based portable biosensor for platelet-derived   growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) with personal glucose meter readout
2014 Delun Zheng,   QingxiangWang*, Feng Gao, Qinghua Wang, Weiwei Qiu, Fei Gao. Biosensors and   Bioelectronics 60 (2014) 167–174. Development of a novelelectrochemical DNA biosensor   based on elongatedhexagonal-pyramid CdS and poly-isonicotinic acid composite   film.
2014 Qitong Huang, Shirong Hu*. Biosensors and Bioelectronics,2014, 52:277-280. A sensitive and reliable dopamine biosensor was   developed based on the Au@carbon dots-chitosan composite film.
2014 Li SX , Lin X ,   Zheng FY , Liang W , Zhong Y , Cai J Analytical   Chemistry Constituting fully integrated visual analysis system   for Cu(II) on TiO2/cellulose paper.
2014 Le Hang,   Qingxiang Wang*, Fei Gao, Juanlan Shi, Feng Gao. Electrochemistry   Communications, 47 (2014) 84–87 A high-performance DNA biosensor using   polyhydroxylated fullerenol as 3D matrix for probe immobilization.
2014 Yanhui Zhang, Nan   Zhang, Zi-Rong Tang and Yi-Jun Xu* Journal of   Physical Chemistry C 2014, 118, 5299-5308. Graphene Oxide as a Surfactant and Support for   In-Situ Synthesis of Au-Pd Nanoalloys with Improved Visible Light Photocatalytic   Activity
2014 Wang ZH, Luo ZX,   Yan CZ, Che FF, Yan YM. Journal of   Hazardous Materials 2014, 276: 393–399 Arsenic uptake and depuration kinetics in Microcystis   aeruginosaunder different phosphate regimes
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2014 Hanqiang Zhang, Shirong Hu*. Electrochimica Acta,   2014, 142, 125-131. Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets doped graphite   oxide modified electrode for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid,   dopamine and uric acid.
2014 Hongxu Guo*, Jianhua Chen, Wen Weng, Qingxiang Wang, Shunxing Li Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 239, 192-199 Facile template-free   one-pot fabrication of ZnCo2O4 microspheres with   enhanced photocatalytic activities under visible-light illumination
2014 Yancai Li*,   Shuqing Feng, Shunxing Li, Yayun Zhang, Yanmei Zhong Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2014,   190, 999–1005 A high effect polymer-free covalent layer by layer   self-assemble carboxylated MWCNTs films modified GCE for the detection of   paracetamol
2014 Weiqiang Yang,   Guiyun Zhang, Wen Weng,* Bin Qiu, Longhua Guo, Zhenyu Lin*, Guonan Chen RSC Advances2014, 4, 58852-58857 Signal on fluorescence biosensor for MMP-2 based on   FRET between semiconducting polymer dots and a metal organic framework
2014 Yanmei Zhong, Yancai Li*, Shunxing Li,   Shuqing Feng, Yayun Zhang RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 40638-40642 Nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on   four different morphologies of cuprous oxide nanocrystals
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2014 Jianzhong Zheng,   Zhiming Rao* RSC Advances,   2014, 4, 21644–21649 A novel and highly sensitive gaseous n-hexane sensor   based on thermal desorption/cataluminescence
2014 Liheng Wang,   XiaoleiLiao, Yingtao Ding, Fei Gao, Qingxiang Wang* Microchimica   Acta, 2014, 181, Issue 1-2, 155-162. DNA biosensor based on a glassy carbon electrode   modified with electropolymerized Eriochrome Black T
2014 WJ LiangYP ChenFY ZhengSX Li Microchimica   Acta Titanium dioxide nanoparticle based solid phase   extraction of trace Alizarin Violet, followed by its specrophotometric   determination.
2014 Hongxu Guo*, Jianhua Chen, Wen Weng Zishan Zheng, Dongfang Wang Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2014,   20,3081-3088 Adsorption behavior of   Congo red from aqueous solution on La2O3- doped TiO2 nanotubes,
2014 T TuS LiL ChenF ZhengXG Huang Aquatic   Toxicology Effect of coastal eutrophication on heavy metal bioaccumulation   and oral bioavailability in the razor clam, Sinonovacula constricta
2014 Liu Feng-Jiao, Li   Shun-Xing, Zheng Feng-Ying, Huang Xu-Guang, Zuo Yue-Gang, Tu Teng-Xiu, Wu   Xue-Qing Aquatic   Toxicology Risk assessment of nitrate and oxytetracycline addition   on coastal ecosystem functions
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2014 Jia-Ming Liu,   Zhen-bo Liu, Qitong Huangcd and Xiaofeng Lin. Anal. Methods,   2014, 6, 8779-8784 Sensitive and rapid biosensor for the determination   of rhamnose based on the catalytic effect of the xidation of calcein by H2O2.
2014 Jiaming Liu,   Zhen-bo Liu, Qitong Huang, Xiaofeng Lin, Li-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zheng and   Chang-Qing Lin. Anal.   Methods,2014, 6, 9066-9072 Ultra-sensitive solid substrate-room temperature   phosphorimetry for colchicine detection based on its catalytic effect on H2O2   oxidation of acridine yellow.
2014 Wuxiang Zhang,   Zhiming Rao* Analytical   Methods, 2014, 6, 6560–6564 Reversed-phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography   Method for the Determination of Paraquat in the Whole Blood
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2014 Huang MingqiangLiao YingminWang   Zhenyaet al. Computational and   Theoretical Chemistry, 2014,1037,63-69 A theoretical investigation of NO3- initiated   oxidation of toluene
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