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Plans for complete obscurity foiled!

February 4th, 2009

In an amazing development for me, I’ve been blogrolled by “The Schwarz”… That’s right… the man, the myth and the legend of woodworking himself. Do I deserve such an honor? Absolutely Not. Will I take it and perform a happy dance? You bet your sweet @s$. Will I be posting a video of me doing the happy dance? Officially, No, as we do not permit torture in this country. Unofficially, if people do not leave comments on this blog feigning interest such videos may just pop-up and I can’t be held responsible for the resulting trauma.

With this post I’d like to give newcomers to my site who are clicking over from Chris’s sites a proper welcome. Soooo, hi there.. how ya doin? Can I be your friend? Am I moving to fast? Is this coming across as “needy”? Ok, just forget what I’ve said… moving on…

You may be asking yourself why you should read my blog. My suggestion:  stop asking yourself so many questions and just go with the flow for once.  I mean really, what’s with giving yourself the third degree all the time?!? You’ve ended up here and thus it must be destiny that you are to forever read this blog (You’ve always been told that karma was a bitch, but no one ever warned you about destiny did they?) Anyways, what I offer is a significantly warped/skewed view of the world of woodworking and the world in general. I tend to treat all subject matter in double entendre, sexual inyourendo, and general immaturity. I am currently in therapy for this but the prognosis for change is not looking good. Please accept my apologies in advance for this medical condition of which I have no control over.

You may notice that many of my posts are non-woodworking related. This evolved over time as I noticed that it seemed to increasingly annoy my readers, a.k.a. my co-workers, who were expecting and demanding content related to woodworking. While this social experiment has yielded me great personal joy, I promise that I will endeavor to keep material at least tangentially related to woodworking.

As far as what I have to offer in regards to discussions related to practical woodworking… well, ummmm… this is where the plume of smoke would appear as I attempt to flee. A discussion for another time, suffice it to say my first two years in this craft have involved great study and preparation for a life dedicated to this passion. In future posts I’ll elaborate on my rather unconventional beginnings and the rationale behind. If your looking for real woodworking knowledge please see the links in my blogroll. You’re probably already familiar with them, but if not they are must-reads!

Lastly, thanks again to Chris Schwarz. His refreshing perspectives on this age-old craft and witty writing style have been inspiring to me (may appear to be just overt brown-nosing, but is in fact,  unadultered brown-nosing wrapped around genuine sentiment). As I have become more and more engrossed in this new world of woodworking, and even blogging, I’ve sought to model the qualities of several woodworkers out there and Chris would be my “top model” in many respects (although I can’t necessarily speak to how he looks in hosiery so please don’t ask).

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  1. February 4th, 2009 at 11:06 | #1

    Perhaps now this blog will move out of my top ten list of most obscure blogs.

  2. February 4th, 2009 at 18:41 | #2

    That’s what she said.

  3. February 4th, 2009 at 22:54 | #3

    Seriously? While I am the biggest advocate of “that’s what she said” your choice to use it here is underwhelming. Did she say that I “can’t move up when I’m already at the top”… why would she say that? at worst it seems that she’s just inflexible or perhaps lazy? This just does not have the requisite zing of a proper “that’s what she said”. I should never have to deconstruct a “that’s what she said” quip to figure out what she’s saying and why. Example of usage: It’s moving day and you’re helping someone move a sofa through the doorway of their new home and they command “just lift the damn thing up and force it in”. That’s what she said… see, not so hard is it? That’s what she said! Need I go on? That’s what she said!

    Sorry John but you are on a “that’s what she said” timeout on this site and shut out from it’s usage. Once I feel that you’ve done your time I’ll let you back in. “That’s what she said!”

  4. February 5th, 2009 at 13:07 | #4

    I think this is the most interaction I have received from you via an email like interface. Perhaps I will share links with you via your comment system from now on.

  5. February 6th, 2009 at 02:07 | #5


  6. February 7th, 2009 at 19:47 | #6

    Yo! Zealot … Post a link to this famous alleged mention by the man CS … I swung over to his site and came up empty … don’t you guys on the wordpress get a search box on your blog? I didn’t know I had one myself until one of my customers showed it to me, but it’s pretty handy …. keep up the fine writing; love it … now that John Updike’s gone, your next in line for ‘king of dry well written humor’ .. or, well maybe, assiustant prince or something, but i know you’re just getting started …. I know you like humor writing and you be real good at it too soooooo, you like a good golf shot story? check out this one if you have a minute


    PS … Bummer about the mustang … you are a dedicated dude. Hi to Sweetie for me and stop by if you’re in town .. dan

  7. fred
    February 8th, 2009 at 20:26 | #7

    I see your Schwarz is as big as mine…..
    – Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

    May the Schwarz be with you!

  8. February 13th, 2009 at 15:02 | #8

    “Plans for complete obscurity foiled!”

    That is because your content is so good and relevant to everyone.

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